What is .ren ?
.ren refers to people
People are diverse. In general, we divide people into different groups according to different dimensions. The variety and expansion of groups also show the diversity of .ren.

.ren applies to all groups related to “people”. This domain name suffix tailored to the group of people with common interests, cognitions, and values. It aims to create a specific cyberspace for different groups with the same attributes.
About .ren

Easy To Understand
“Ren” means “people” in Chinese pin-yin (the standard system of Roman spelling in Chinese).
It is easy to make sense, and providing a clear and precise web entry in the era of internet.
High Potential
.ren has a clear sense of meaning with unique Chinese style and abundant resources, which provides it with huge return on investment.
Wide Applicability
“Ren (people)” has the characteristics of universality and diversity. Therefore, the domain name of “. ren” has infinite possibilities without limitation.
•  Brand / Enterprise
     ssmu.ren / louvre.ren / expo.ren / ...

•  Industry-specific website or social network website
     vfx.ren / compressor.ren / gujiang.ren / ...

•  Recruitment,corporate management services
     lulei.ren / shengfeng.ren / zhiren.ren / ...

•  Personal blog: Programmer Technology Blog
     niewei.ren / hufeng.ren / lovea.ren / ...

•  SNS APP Webpage
     vally.ren / debo.ren / ...
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